Less Lethal Self Defense Training & Certification 
Located in Manteca, CA

Located in the city of Manteca California and representing BYRNA as an authorized dealer in California. We are giving Californians a proven less lethal option for peace of mind and safety without the use of lethal force. We provide both the classroom training and with our less lethal shooting range you can train and purchase the BYRNA Launcher of your choice immediately, there is no required background check and no waiting period. BYRNA and KGPS have you covered.

In today’s world, personal safety is a primary concern for many. One effective way to protect oneself is through less lethal launcher self defense training. This type of training equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to properly handle less lethal launchers in self-defense situations.

Some of the key benefits of this training include increased confidence, improved situational awareness, and a greater ability to protect oneself and others in a safe and effective manner. With the prevalence of violent crimes and attacks, particularly against women and other vulnerable populations, taking the initiative to learn less lethal launcher self defense can go a long way in helping individuals feel empowered and prepared to face any potential threat.

  • Personal Self Defense Training
  • School Safety and Security Program
  • Physical Security Officer Services
  • Security Consulting and Training
  • Private Client and Celebrity Services
  • Executive Protection
  • Workplace Violence Response
  • Retail Security Services
  • Places of Worship Security and Safety Program
  • Other

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